Part 18!

  Here is Part 18, everyone, I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for not posting.

The next morn they awoke, both feeling rather stiff from sleeping on the ground. They packed and ate in silence and set off, Mystery occasionally pointing out a landmark at which they were supposed to change direction.

Around 4:00 PM, Mystery said, “Luna, why are we going on this quest for words?”

Luna did not answer.


Still, Luna said nothing.

“Why?” Mystery persisted.

Nothing, although her annoyance was obviously mounting.

Why, Luna?!”

“Because!” Luna exploded. “ Now shush up!”

Mystery was taken aback. He’d asked her a stupid question, and she’d shouted at him. All right, he’d asked her multiple times, but she still didn’t have to shout at him. He opened his mouth to argue, but a nasty look from Luna was enough to stop him.

There was tension in the air when they stopped at dusk. Neither spoke as they prepared to rest. Later that night, while Mystery was asleep, Luna took a walk in the woods, for sleep would not come to her. She came to a clearing, where she stood to gaze up at the moon in its pale beauty. Suddenly, she received a sharp blow to the back of her head. She blacked out.

Luna – Part 17

Here is Part 17 of Luna, everybody. I hope you like it!

Luna said nothing.

“Luna, I am not an expert, but I think we must go to the Prison Of Roses.”

“Mystery, do you know where it is?” Luna asked.  

“I think so. When do we leave?”

“As soon as possible.”

They quickly finished their keydah and Luna went out to the garden to pick some vegetables, all the while pondering the Prison Of Roses.

Mystery went to town to buy some smoked fish and meat to take with them. He, too, wondered about the Prison Of Roses.

Mystery arrived back at the cabin around noon, and Luna had their potatoes and butter ready. They quickly ate and set off on their quest.

“Which direction, Mystery?” asked Luna.

“West, I think,” said Mystery pointing to their left.

They trekked on, both talking avidly at times, or one would be very loquacious and the other listened, or both walked in silence, lost their individual thoughts.

After traveling west for several hours, Mystery suddenly said,” We should stop for the night.” Luna wanted to keep going, but noticed how exhausted Mystery looked.

“All right,” she said, careful to keep her annoyance hidden. They lit a fire and Mystery warmed two bits of smoked fish while Luna spread their blanket and got out two carrots for them. When the fish had warmed, they sat down and ate, pulled up their blankets, and fell asleep. Both had troubling dreams.

Part 16

Hey, everyone here is part 16, enjoy!

She zoomed through the forest until she came to a wall of Rose Ivy, a  beautiful plant native to Sen.  She pushed it aside and stepped into a clearing surrounded by high walls of Rose Ivy. In the middle of the clearing was a building made of pure white marble. She entered it and saw orbs. Tens, hundreds, thousands of little glass orbs the size of large marbles. She went to pick one up and-

Luna sat bolt upright in bed.

“Oh, my goodness,” she gasped. Everything about Rain, words, the curse, and the Prison Of Roses came flooding back to her.

She looked out the window. Judging by the light, it was about three a.m. She looked over at Mystery. He was sleeping soundly. She laid back down and tried to fall asleep, but she couldn’t stop thinking about her dream. At 4:00, when it was significantly lighter, Luna got up.

I will make keydah this morning, she thought. Keydah is a type of berry porridge. It takes a long time to make and is very precise, so Luna was in the perfect predicament. She went outside to her garden and picked a small sack full of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Then she went back inside, lit a candle, and quietly prepared the berries. She boiled water over the stove and waited for exactly two minutes before dumping the chopped-up strawberries into the water. After fifteen minutes, she poured in some flour, then blueberries immediately after. Finally, seven minutes after the blueberries, she dumped in the raspberries. Then she stirred it clockwise seven times and counterclockwise seven times and waited. During the thirty minutes that it had to simmer, she dressed, made her bed, got out bowls and spoons, drew water, and woke up Mystery. He groaned and griped for a while.

“We’re having keydah this morning,” Luna said mischievously. Mystery practically fell out of bed in his rush to wash and dress. Two minutes later, Luna and Mystery were sitting down at their nice little round table, bowls of steaming keydah before them.

“Fanksh, Luna,” said Mystery, shoveling berry porridge into his mouth.  It was his favorite food, and he could never get enough of it.

“Mystery,” Luna said firmly, slamming her spoon down on the table so hard Mystery slopped his spoonful of keydah all over his shirt. “I had a dream last night-”

“So?” Mystery said, annoyed. She had wasted a whole spoonful of keydah! Why should he listen to her?

“I dreamed about a building made of marble and with a wall of Rose Ivy surrounding it.”

Mystery choked.

“I saw little orbs all lined up,” Luna said, lost in her thoughts. “I tried to pick one up and then I woke up.”

“Luna,” he said slowly. “Dreams always have a meaning, do you know that?”


Hey, everybody, so sorry I was absent for so long, I had some medical issues. So, here is part 15. And tell me your title ideas!

Mystery was lying on the bed, coughing. Luna felt his forehead. It was burning.

“Mystery! You’re ill!” she cried and went at once to the river to draw water for him. When she got back, she soaked a piece of cloth in it and laid it on his forehead. Then she went to work tidying up the hut. The first thing she did was throw the knife that had supposedly killed Mystery into the nearest lake. Then she pulled out the pegs that had held Mystery in place and tossed them out a window. She tossed out the hay and flattened the lumpy ground by stomping on it. Then she went to find some vegetables and she cooked them some strew.

This was the way they lived for several months; Luna caring for Mystery as he began to heal, caring for their garden, and selling their vegetables at the market. Once Mystery was fully healed, however, they had no desire to go searching for the Prison Of Roses, although Luna had a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that she’d forgotten something, she didn’t know what it was.

Then, one summer night, she had a dream.



Here is Part 14, everybody. Enjoy! And leave a comment if you have an idea for a title, please!

Luna did not go back to the Academy. She just thought it was not worth going if Mystery was not there. She wandered around in the forest, eating berries and befriending deer. Mystery’s death had taken a terrible toll on her.

One day, a bright, sunny kind of day that makes you rather excited and jumpy, Luna awoke in the nice, hollow, weeping willow that she came back to every evening. She awoke thinking of Mystery.

“I suppose I could go see him,” she said to herself. “Just one last time.”

She pulled out the map that had led her to Rain’s hut and set off, picking two or three berries for breakfast on the way.

When she got there, her eyes filled with tears as she remembered the traumatizing events that had taken place last time she had been there. She wiped them away with her hand and pushed aside the blanket acting as the door.

She gasped. It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t. It was impossible. And yet-

“Mystery? Is it really you?” she whispered, tiptoeing toward the bed where she had las lain her best friend whom she had thought to be dead.


Part 13

Hi, everybody here is Part 13

Luna’s heart was full of more rage and more grief than she had ever felt in her life. She wanted to kill this woman, this horrible excuse for a human being. Tears, not only of grief but of rage also, ran down her face. With an anguished cry, she broke free of her bonds and flew at Rain. She did not care that Rain knew magic, that Rain was strong, that Rain had no conscience. She just knew that she wanted to hurt rain as bad as she possibly could. Her hands closed around Rains neck and she tightened them as much as possible. Rain easily forced Luna’s hands from her throat and threw her against the wall the bed was against. Luna got up again and threw herself at Rain, punching every inch of her that she could reach. Rain tried to toss her against the wall again but was unsuccessful. She tried again to no avail. Luna was elated by this. She wrapped her arms around Rain’s neck and tightened them. Rain coughed, her hands scrabbling at Luna’s arms. Shockingly, Luna let go.

“Go,” Luna commanded. “Go, and never return.”

Rain turned, and, gasping for air, ran from the hut.

Luna immediately ran to where Mystery was lying.

“Oh, Mystery . . . oh, Mystery,” she sobbed, “Mystery . . .”

In her terrible grief, she didn’t notice her tears falling upon his wound. When she could not cry any longer, she tore off a strip of cloth from one of the blankets and wrapped up his injury. She then wrapped him in the other blanket and set him on the bed. Then she left.


Part 12

Here is part 12, everybody. I’ll try to think up a title, but I am having no luck. Enjoy!

She stood, turned Luna’s chair to face the middle of the room, and went to retrieve Mystery from the wall where he was lying, unconscious again.

“Wake up, boy,” she snapped, slapping his face. He stirred and she dragged him to the middle of the room and dropped him on the floor. She went over to her knife wall and took down a shiny, sharp dagger with a handle carved out of a blood-red ruby. She walked over to where Mystery was lying.

“No!” Luna screamed, finally realizing was Rain was going to do. Please, no!”

“Ah, Luna, “said Rain again. “I’m afraid I shall have to get rid of the boy. If I do not, my magic will be endangered. For Mystery knows where I  have hidden the words. He must be disposed of.”

“Please, please stop!” Luna screamed, tears running down her face. “Take me! Kill me instead!”

“Luna do you not see? There is no other way. He must die.”

“Please! I’ll do anything!”



“Boy!” Rain barked at the barely conscious Mystery, who was now draped over her arm like a grotesque human blanket. “Do you have any last words?”

“T-tell Luna I love her,” Mystery whispered.

“I love you too, Mystery,” she sobbed. “Please, please stop, Rain!”

“My deepest apologies, Luna,” said Rain coldly. “Say farewell to Mystery.”

She plunged the dagger into Mystery’s heart.